«Every direction is North»

9 July

06:00 — 07:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: main stage

Theatre “Ballet Moscow” (Moscow, Russia)

Choreography: Karine Ponties (France-Belgium)
Music: David Monceau (France)
Set design: Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin (Belgium)
Costume design: Sergey Illarionov (Russia)
Dancers: Roman Andreykin, Roman Borodin, Alexey Narutto, Ilya Romanov, Luke Hayward, Konstantin Chelkaev, Alexandr Shuyskiy.  

«I feel that with these „Ballet Moscow“ ballet performers I can do so much about the work with the human body, – Karine says. – Every time I offer them a movement, one or another, I can see them challenging themselves. They are like kids, as their thoughts are chaotic – apparently like those of kids during a game, – and they follow these thoughts. They manage to express the feelings not through the emphasis or frame of signs, but through the intensity and submission of their bodies to the external driving forces. They have those things I’m looking for in the art: accuracy, passionate enthusiasm in work and self-denial».  Karine Ponties.