«Wandering time»

9 July

05:00 — 06:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: student stage

The Laboratory of physical theatre (Moscow, Russia)

Idea & direction: Lidia Kopina
Performers: Tatiana Zhukas, Ksenia Samoilova, Lidia Kopina, Anastasia Kharitonova, Karnelina Shkarina, Elena Sanina
Composer: Alexey Nadzharov
Lighting design: Igor Fomin
Artist: Marina Zimoglyad

Once upon a time all the life on Earth was punished with the gift ot Time. And the only creature who did not reconcile with the loss of Eternity was and remains a Human.

The play "Wandering Time" is the reflection on the Man and his sense of Time. The Time that pervades all of his existence, sometimes inspiring fear and anxiety, or bestowing the long-awaited peace. About the inescapable thirst for timelessness. On the loss and gaining of oneself in the Eternity. About the inevitable finiteness of being and the eternally wandering time.