9 July

03:00 — 04:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: rehearsal stage

Theatre "Centre for Dramaturgy and Directing" (Moscow, Russia)

Choreography: Ekaterina Kislova
Dancers: Natalia Korolikhina, Ramune Khodorkayte, Marina Nikitina, Lika Shevchenko, Natalia Fiksel
Vocal: Soloists of the Moscow Folklore and Ethnographic Ensemble "People's Feast"

A musical and plastic performance about the power of the female nature and its endless renewal. There are nine participants in the piece - five contemporary dancers and four folk music players. The entire life journey of a woman from birth to death is presented here. Through folk singing and broken plastics the artists create a holistic world in which folk traditions find modern rethinking. In this world there is no literal division into a song and dance, life and death - everything is woven together. The play takes us back to primitive times, when the ritual was woven with human activities, and the feminine power is compared in its strength to the natural elements.