«Memoriae» + «A year without love»

8 July

06:00 — 07:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: student stage


Konstantin Matulevsky & Sofia Gaidukova Project (Moscow, Russia)
Choreography & performing: Konstantin Matulevsky, Sofia Gaidukova
Music: Frederic Chopin, Kormac, Kurt Schwitters, Rkss, Dead Peoples Records

The ability to remember, the transformation of memory affect the life of a person. How would the fate of people change if people did not remember? What is the loss of memory: the loss of the past, the loss of one’s roots, the loss of a personality?

"A year without love"

Rafael Timerbakov & Dmitriy Chegodar project (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
Choreography & performing: Rafael Timerbakov, Dmitriy Chegodar
Music: “Bigudi” band
Text: Eugeniy Grishkovets

I remember all your dresses, all your hair
I remember the way it was when ...
I remember the flavours, I remember every second.
I remember everything.
Probably, there wasn’t enough power.
I just did not have enough power.
But I was able to live a year without love.
I lived a year without love.