8 July

05:00 — 05:45 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: rehearsal stage

Special project of the Dance House "Kannon Dance" / Ksenia Mikheeva project (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Choreography: Ksenia Mikheeva
Performers: Nikita Markelov, Stanislav Ponomarev, Maxim Maslennikov

Based on the story by Levan Varazi "The Collector and his loved ones".

Several people find themselves in the house of a mysterious collector. He collects everything that can test a person. There are a lot of traps and trials in his collection, which help everyone find something within oneself that one was looking for and was afraid of, and therefore refused to see. But who will deserve the right to be saved, and who will forever remain an exhibit of the collection?