«SWIPThW (So was it possible this way?)» / off-program

8 July

04:30 — 05:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: lobby

Ilya Manylov/Minoga Dance company (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Idea: Ilya Manylov
Choreography: Ilya Manylov
Performers: Ilya Manylov, Alexandr Kapustin
Sound design & drums: Alexandr Kapustin

Performance-allusion to the well-known productions made in the 90s in Russia. Artists have always challenged not only the traditions of art, but also social norms, moral principles - to reach the new aesthetic level.The performance “SWIPThW." is another call of the author, choreographer Ilya Manilov, to himself. Placing himself in the most severe framework of working at the limit of his abilities, the choreographer is trying to expand the boundaries of his artistic limits. He wants to tell an old story with a new language, where dance is just one of the means of expressiveness.