Vol IV. Le Corbusier «Urban Development»

7 July

09:00 — 09:45 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: rehearsal stage

Tatiana Chizhikova project / PER FORMA Laboratory
With the support of the New Space of the Theatre of Nations (Moscow, Russia)

Choreographer: Tatiana Chizhikova
Curator of architects: Narine Tutcheva
Voice: Fedor Stepanov
Sound design: Nadezhda Teslenko

The performance was created within PER FORMA laboratory, held in February 2017 at the New Space of ​​the Theater of Nations. The laboratory subject was the collaboration of contemporary dance choreographers and architects of the Moscow Architectural School MARSH. The starting point for creating the performance was the architectural treatise by Le Corbusier "On Urban Development." This work is about the freedom of the audience, about the destruction and recreation, about the order and chaos, about the micro-model of the society/city in the auditorium, about our ability to communicate and make decisions.