«Ping-pong ball effect»

7 July

06:00 — 07:00 pm


Upsala-Circus (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Director: Larisa Afanasieva
Coaching acrobatic numbers / Director: Yaroslav Mitrofanov
Lighting design: Sergey Ivanov
Stage design: Ilya Lubimov
Sound design and musician: Dmitriy Maksimachev
Cello: Natalia Nazarova
Performers: Stanislav Malukov, Nikolai Grudino, Stanislav Vashkevich, Sofia Krylova, Anton Kornyakov, Elnara Evdokimova, Lera Urina, Petr Rybkin

It is a story about the way an unremarkable thing like a ping-pong ball can suddenly turn out to be the center the whole world is spinning around. Or at least the world of one single performance. Ping-pong ball effect is always unpredictable, and this turns the performance into a big experiment. Starting to follow the movements of the ball, the artists pick up the rhythm, supplementing and complicating it with the tricks, acrobatics and juggling techniques. Sounds of live and electronic music, random noises and voices are combined into the one whole, forming a unique musical score.

In such a way, all together, beat after beat, artists, musicians and spectators are creating a special drawing of the play every single moment. There is no way to repetitions here - just as there are no repetitions in the trajectory of the ping-pong ball.