«Wind Breath» / off-program

6 July

07:15 — 08:00 pm

New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre: rehearsal stage

Sasha Kukin Dance company (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Idea & choreography: Sasha Kukin
Music: Bob Dylan (Blowin' in the Wind, Like a Rolling Stone, Main Title Theme (Billy), All The Tired Horses, Things Have Changed, Not Dark Yet, Slow Train, The Times They Are A-Changin', Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
Costumes: Alina Latypova
Light & video design: Konstantin Kozlov
Performers: Anna Yurko, Anna Klimakova, Lota Golovacheva, Anastasia Sintsova.

The performance was created with the support of the Dance House "Kannon Dance".

The idea of ​​the performance arose from the amount of impressions from the music by Bob Dylan and the film by Todd Haynes "I'm not there." In both, his life and his music, Bob Dylan was a very independent person. He followed his own creative path, without paying attention to the demands of the music market, anyone's expectations or interests. And often he used to be criticized for this and even booed.

We chose eight songs and one instrumental composition by Dylan, trying to match the musical non-conformism of the master. Therefore, our performance is about spontaneously arising changes, the desire not to go with the flow, the desire of somebody to change the others or the desire of the others to change you. And, certainly, about the human feelings, life, death and stars - everything that Bob Dylan’s songs contain.